Two of Trump’s Supreme Court picks, Barrett and Kavanaugh, have just recently joined the liberals on the court saved Obamacare, AGAIN.

After all the cheating Mitch McConnell has done to get his choice of Justices, they always become liberals on the high court. All of this bragging they do about…

Is America a racist country? Yes.

I’m sorry if that offends you. It offends me too. But I take great pride in being in the position to not have to lie to anybody.

Senator Tim Scott is lying to you. He has to lie to you and say “America is…

I feel bad for Chauvin.

He’s taking a fall for the system that created him. Even BEFORE the police academy.

He wasn’t a klansman who took a black man into the woods. He was participating in a system that constantly reassured him that this is how you treat Black men…

My Policy on Riots

I want to say something about riots, in general.

Seems to me that people are feeling the need to either be for or against riots. I see no need to do so. That, to me, is a black and white interpretation of the world. …

Welcome to Jamal Law School.

I need to say something about the “Law of Parties,” in regards to the George Floyd murder case. In some states, the Law of Parties is called the “Felony Murder Rule.”

The “Law of Parties” is a judicial philosophy enacted through legislation and injected into…

Nice to know we have law enforcement death squads around to handle such horrendous crimes as:

1. jogging around different neighborhoods while looking like a burglar,

2. wearing a hoodie,

3. telling cops you possess both a gun and a legitimate license to carry it,

4. selling loose cigarettes,


Some People are outraged that Trump is calling Obama a criminal without naming a crime.

Please allow me to point out that blaming innocent Black men for crimes they never committed is right in line with American history and culture. It has been deemed as completely acceptable to the majority…

Trump ran away from his own press conference. Like a little bitch

A real baller would have had a few henchmen forcibly remove any unruly reporter right in front of the other ones. So everybody could see it. Like President Erdogan in Turkey.

And then a baller would look at…

There is a more disturbing historical context to the Ahmaud Arbery lynching in Georgia that most people who haven’t studied law, could be missing.

It has to do with the 2nd Amendmentment.

Read it and you will come across the mention of “well-regulated militias.”

Well-regulated militias became important in the…

Jeff Bezos is the majority owner of Amazon.

He’s worth in excess of 100 Billion Dollars, on paper. And Amazon is his baby. If I were Jeff Bezos right now, here’s what I would do, TOMORROW MORNING:

I would wake up and put 10 Billion Dollars in a bank account…

Jamal C. Wright, Esq.

Attorney and host of “The Jamal Show-The Place to Get Intelligent” Radio Talk Show and Podcast. Out of WKND “The Power” 97.5 FM Hartford, CT.

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