I feel bad for Chauvin.

He’s taking a fall for the system that created him. Even BEFORE the police academy.

He wasn’t a klansman who took a black man into the woods. He was participating in a system that constantly reassured him that this is how you treat Black men…

My Policy on Riots

I want to say something about riots, in general.

Seems to me that people are feeling the need to either be for or against riots. I see no need to do so. That, to me, is a black and white interpretation of the world. …

Trump ran away from his own press conference. Like a little bitch

A real baller would have had a few henchmen forcibly remove any unruly reporter right in front of the other ones. So everybody could see it. Like President Erdogan in Turkey.

And then a baller would look at…

Jamal C. Wright, Esq.

Attorney and host of “The Jamal Show-The Place to Get Intelligent” Radio Talk Show and Podcast. Out of WKND “The Power” 97.5 FM Hartford, CT.

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