DJT is a Beeyotch

Jamal C. Wright, Esq.
1 min readMay 14, 2020


Trump ran away from his own press conference. Like a little bitch

A real baller would have had a few henchmen forcibly remove any unruly reporter right in front of the other ones. So everybody could see it. Like President Erdogan in Turkey.

And then a baller would look at the reporters who are left and ask them…

“Any more questions?”

That’s how the Kim Jung Il family gets down. No reporter has asked a “nasty” question in North Korea, since like 1936.

If Trump would have done that I woulda been like “Damn. Leave that man alone.”

Fidel Castro put his unruly reporters in stone prisons. Our president just runs back into his big white house like a man who forgot to bring out his puppy.

He wants to be a dictator so badly. But he can’t walk the walk.

I wonder how many times Vladimir Putin has run back into the Kremlin with his skirt waving in the air, like Trump’s, after being “violently” accosted by female reporters in the Russian version of a rose garden. I don’t think I’ve even seen Putin argue with a reporter!

Beeyotch. Paper tiger. Not scary at all to anybody but punk-ass Republicans. There’s no way this guy DIDN’T get beat up all the time in high school.



Jamal C. Wright, Esq.

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